The Meaning of Symbol on Cards Game

You have played different cards game using normal deck but you may not realize that there are meanings behind every symbol of the card that you need to know.

There is some cards game in the world that was created by normal deck with 52 cards including or excluding Joker. The cards consist of four symbols with two colors. The symbols are spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. The color consists of red and black. However, have you ever known the meaning of each symbol? These symbols aren’t there just for the picture to differentiate one card and another but this represents something.


Do You Know The Symbol of Cards Game?

Before knowing certain cards game with the rule and also the way to play it, you need to learn and know the meaning of each symbol in different card as the following:

  • Club

On the card, club is described in black color but some countries know it as trefoils. You will see three leaves on the picture but it represents many things in human life such as fall. It is because it looks like fallen leave and also clover. It may have another meaning based on the tradition such as happiness and luck. It is believed that club represents work, wealth, strong will, energy and power. Because of the meanings, many people relate club with male. However, because the color of this club is black, it may represent darkness and night.

  • Diamond

Who loves it? Women. It has red color on the card so it symbolizes femininity. Since it is feminine, so many people relate it with light and warmth just like your mother. If you see Tarot cards, Diamonds are representing something earthy since diamonds belong to something precious like gold and others. In Tarot, it represents courage, money, energy. However many fortune tellers always represent the cards with annoyance and full of spirit.

  • Heart

Hearts mean love and this is something universal in the world that everyone needs. Because of that, heart represents warmth in spring season and also summer season. Another meaning is power of light. It is supported with red color on the symbol. Heart is the center of human, life and world. However, there are some other meanings of Heart on Tarot cards like joy, fertility, life of water and also knowledge.

  • Spade

In the game, this symbol is usually the highest rank of all and the color is black. Actually, Spade represents a leaf from the cosmic tree and also thus life. Just like clubs, Spade represents the great power of darkness, winter and fall because it looks like tree. However, Tarot has different meaning of this symbol which is air, action, intellect and death.

  • Joker

In many games, sometimes Joker is not played and they just play this with as wild card. Ancient people believe that Joker is mysterious card and if you are born on Joker day, you are mysterious too. This represents all things to all men which means chameleon. Also, joker has a mysterious dark side since the judi online symbol represents selfish, cunning and obsessive. Just like the name, Joker means disguise because it can be many things based on the game.

By knowing the meaning of symbols’ cards game, you may get to choose you favorite symbol that represent yourself so much.