The History of Card Games

Many card games use the normal deck of 52 cards with several numbers and symbols but you might not know the history of the cards themselves so you can play it now.

Do you like playing card games? What are your favorite games? Though you may like playing it, but have you ever thought where did it come? Before you were born or modern society was born, ancient people have already played it as some of them had meanings. That is why you should know it clearly since you card as your favorite game. This will be your additional knowledge so you can realize the development of this game in the world.


Learning The History of Card Games

Some facts stated about the origin of card gaming and some countries or regions has been still debating about it. Some of them think that cards are from their region and some are refusing it by showing the proof. Many believe that cards were original from China but it had traced and spread to Egypt, Persia and India. However, some researchers believe that card gaming is originated from China and the proofs are domino qiu qiu and mahjong. Also, another fact stated that printing and paper were invented from China as the first way to create many games related to card back in 1294. Nowadays, there are no huge differences between modern cards gaming from 800 years ago.

But many researchers also believe until now that card gaming came from Persia. After that, it was traced to China and India. People there also spread it to the Egypt and finally to Europe. However the designs of European cards were different from Egyptian in the middle of 14th century. Though they were different, you still found many similarities between them. Those ancient cards are not different with cards design now. There were 4 suits in the old deck with some changes. Swords changed into Club in modern deck. However, if you want to see Coins and Cups on cards, you can find them in Spanish and Italian cards today. Different areas have different designs to their cards and sometimes they put different designs to show the world their styles and also cultures like Leaves, Hearts and many more.

When card gaming came to Southern Europe, they were spread very fast to whole parts of Europe. Thy called it as Invasion of Playing Cards. They brought the small size cards which were more convenient to bring. It was easy to be carried by soldiers and people who wanted to spread and introduce card gaming in one region and another. England became the first country of cards invasion by the French soldiers. Though casino can be found in America and Las Vegas becomes the largest state for gambling, but cards were introduced to America last by soldiers and explorers. Believe it or not, old decks had no Queens and all cards were dominated with male elements with no females.

Old decks had Kings and two Marshalls without Queens even nowadays German, Spanish and Italian cards have three male courts except for French cards. You can find queens in that deck like today’s cards. That is why you need to understand the history of card games since what you play now is the heritage from ancient citizen so you need to keep it and teach them to your future kids.