Learning The Authentic Cards Game from India

If you are bored with ordinary cards game you always play with your family from America, you can play some Indian games which are unique and interesting.

Some famous cards game was found in America and many people use them until now as the traditional game along with entertainment. However, some people might be bored in playing ordinary American games like you know and you want something new. This is the right time for you to step out of the comfort zone and play some Indian games which are very famous in its country as your new entertainment to play with family.


Unique Cards Game from India

In India, family will sit together or gather in one place just to play their favorite cards game and you can play it too if you know the rule as the following:

  • Satte pe Satta

In this game, you can play it with any number of people. If there are many players in one table, then there will be two decks of card can be used. The player who holds seven of hearts or it is called as Laal Paan in Indian language will start the game. Then, the next player must play with heart card too whether it is six or eight. It means, the domino qiu qiu card must be low or high than seven of hearts. If the next player doesn’t have it, they may pass the turn. However, if you have the same number of card which is seven but in different symbols like diamonds, spades and clubs, then you have to play this card and you can’t pass. The game will progress continuously until the suited cards are completed until the highest rank of the card like King or Ace. This is a strategy game and you need to block others from finishing their whole cards. The player who can finish the cards will win.

  • Teen do Panch

You need three players to play this game. One player will hold five cards; the second will have three and the dealer makes two cards only. From 52 normal ranked cards, you only play with 30 cards and the left will be removed. The 30 cards consist with ace until eight of diamonds and clubs also ace until seven of hearts and spades. Other may not be used at all so you can focus on those cards. The three cards will be taken out and the names are 2, 3 and 5. The dealer will shuffle and distribute them all to the player. Any player who can get 2 will be the dealer in the next turn and he nees to make two hands. The total hands that are needed to be made are 10.

  • Challenge or bluff

Same like Satte pe Satta, you can play this game with any number of people and the cards will be distributed equally. To start the game, the player needs to throw four cards at the same time and claim them all into one set. If the player suspects with the genuineness of cards, then he or she may challenge other players to show their cards. If the cards are genuine, then the player will get point. However, if the cards are not genuine, then owner will get the point.

By knowing this kind of cards game, you can play and choose whatever you want to gain more knowledge about them.