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It is a fact that Russia, the country with the largest territory, occupies one sixth of the earth. The population of Russia consists of diverse nationalities, characters, physical appearances, and cultures. Nevertheless, in one thing we are united: the Russian language. We all speak Russian and can understand one another, despite the immense distances separating cities and regions. In our new article we would like to explain to you why you will never regret beginning to study the Russian language!

1. Learning Russian for work

Learning Russian for work

As we all know, the world is globalizing very quickly. The USSR ceased to exist long ago, and now borders are (thank god) open! For this reason, in Russia, opportunities to work in international companies are increasing. However, in order to find a common language, work effectively alongside Russian colleagues, understand the particularities of the Russian market and conduct business in Russia, it is absolutely necessary to speak Russian.

Russian may be needed by foreign companies working either with Russian companies or with Russian clients. In this case, a knowledge of Russian is a big plus on your resumé.

2. Learning Russian to live in Russia

Learning Russian to live in Russia

If you want to come to Russia, to live or to work here for some time, knowing Russian at any level is simply indispensable for a few reasons:

  • Certainly, in Russia today most people speak no foreign language, but nevertheless, they may speak a low level of English. For this reason, in order to buy tickets or souvenirs, order food in a restaurant, or communicate with (for example) your electrician, plumber, or in other everyday situations, you must speak Russian;
  • If you want to understand what is happening around you (what is being said on the news, what songs are about, or people’s discussions) and not live as if in a vacuum, you will need to learn Russian;
  • If you want to meet people, understand their thoughts and feelings, make Russian friends, and be social and open in a foreign country very unlike your own, then it is crucial that you learn Russian!

3. Learning Russian in order to visit Russia and other countries in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

Learning Russian in order to visit Russia

Russia is a special country located on the juncture between Europe and Asia. In order to come to Russia and visit not just Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also those wilderness areas into which only a few foreigners have gone, you will need to learn some Russian. This is so that you will be able to understand street names, know how to navigate, and understand basic conversations. Who knows: perhaps you will suddenly fall in love with Russia so much that you decide to learn Russian to perfection?

As for the other countries in the CIS, people in these countries are not all equally well-versed in Russian. However, in the Ukraine (in particular in the eastern part) and in Belarus, absolutely no communication problems should arise!

4. Learning Russian so as to understand what is called “the mysterious Russian soul”

Russian soul

“The mysterious Russian soul” is a term with which Russian teachers constantly exasperate foreigners. If you are curious and decide all the same to “dig” to get to the real meaning of this expression, then it will be necessary for you to travel around Russia and talk with different people. Seriously speaking, in Russia there can be found many interesting people, many personality types and types of national characters. Face to face conversation with people living in different places, working at different jobs, and belonging to different confessions and nationalities will help you better understand Russia in its entirety.

5. Learning Russian for Russian culture

Learning Russian for Russian culture

Russian culture is not simply Russian literature, but also the theatre, ballet, science, history, film, and much more. To seriously get a sense of all of this, you need to study Russian for some years in earnest. But believe me, it’s worth it! Before you will open a magnificent new “continent”, one which simultaneously resembles and does not resemble the European cultural world.

6. Studying in a Russian university

Studying in a Russian university

Studying in a Russian university is a wonderful method for those who really want to know Russian perfectly, in both everyday and professional situations. Through the course of five years of study, living in university residence, making friends with a huge number of interesting people and eating in the university cafeteria, you will practically be Russian! Leaving to return to your country of origin with such useful baggage is profitable – you will be able to find work with Russian in a firm or company, teach Russian at a school or university, or work as a translator…You can also stay in Russia and find a good job.

7. Learning Russian to see into world politics and the economy

Learning Russian to see into world politics and the economy

If you are thinking globally and analytically, then a knowledge of the Russian language, reading of Russian press in the original language, and also watching the news from Russia will help you to understand the internal workings of the political and economic situation in Russia, which is quite important for understanding the overall role of Russia in the world arena.

8. To meet a Russian girlfriend or boyfriend

Meet Russian girlfriend or boyfriend

The absence of borders or barriers between countries and the development of the internet allow one to meet wonderful people from all around the world and to meet with them in person. Could you suddenly find your fate, your other half, in Russia? Knowing Russian you will significantly ease the difficulty of your search, and also communication with your chosen one.

9. Learning Russian for children and relatives

Learning Russian for children and relatives

Imagine this situation: your wife or husband is from Russia and speaks to your children in Russian, and you can in no way participate in their conversations because you don’t speak Russian. This situation would be pretty unpleasant for you, and furthermore, in the case that you want your child to speak fluent Russian, the whole family must, even just occasionally, chat in Russia.
In addition, knowledge of Russian will significantly ease communication with the relatives of your wife or husband. If you begin to learn Russian, you do not have to ask every time or nudge your wife or husband and ask, “What did he say? I didn’t understand anything.”

10. Learning Russian for brain development

Learning Russian for brain development

Finally, why would you not begin to learn Russian simply in order to keep your brain in shape? For in Russian, there are cases, nouns and adjectives have different endings in these cases in the singular and plural, there is perfective and non-perfective aspect, and also verbs of motion, participles of various types, adverbial participles, complicated spelling and punctuation rules, and much much more! Is it not a puzzle? If you master Russian you can be proud of yourself and those around you will consider you an intellectual superhero!

Do you know other reasons for studying Russian? Tell is about them!

7 thoughts on “Why learn Russian

  1. Learning Russian helps you appreciate your own language and culture, makes you a better person, gives you an opportunity to create a completely different perspective of the world around you. Russians are not always about vodka and beautiful women, as some people tend to think due to ignorance and stereotyping. Russian people can think deeply, feel strongly and fight passionately. And if you speak Russian – it is a guarantee that you will find help, acceptance and life-long friendships.

  2. Yulia Amlinskaya says:

    Dear Elena,

    Thanks so much for your wonderful post! Being a Russian teacher, I really appreciate your opinion and your dedication to the Russian language and culture.

  3. I am very much fascinated by Russia, Russians and the Russian language, since I was in Moscow for the first time in October 2007 to start to learn this beautiful language. Since I am convinced I have been living in a previous life in Ukraine – around 1917 – Russia and CIS feels like home. That’s a reason for me to concentrate doing business between the Netherlands, Russia and CIS. Thus I combine passion and work.

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