3 Tips in Playing Card Games from Bill Zender

Every bettor wants to win their card games in order to get more money that will change their lives forever but you need to know the tips in beating the casino.

What do you want when you play card games in casino? All of you will answer victory. It is something you need and you want from casino. However, not all people can make it true since playing casino is not easy. When you meet another experienced player on the same table, it seems hard to beat them. You need to know their weakness and use it to beat them. Before playing, you need to find beneficial tips to play your favorite game.


How to Play Card Games Using Tips from Zender?

If you want to win your bandar bola, then you need some beneficial tips that you can apply in your game or in casino you have chose as the following:

  • Find the clumsy dealer

Almost every game using card has dealer. This dealer helps in distributing the cards, collecting chips and also playing against players for some games. However, not all dealers are professional and experienced. According to Bill Zender as the gambling insider, no more than 100 blackjack dealers in the world. One dealer might have about 1,5 percent of advantage. If you want to play this game, you need keep an eye and search for the sloppy and clumsy dealer that will make mistake easily. This will help you in gaining victory. You can go to one casino to another only to find clumsy dealer. You can observe them one by one on one table to know their movement. If necessary, you can take a note of 35 clumsy dealers from 16 casinos you can find in your state. This way is called as card holing and that is legal since there is no warning or forbidden statements since casino is an open place for you to watch the game directly.

  • Always watch over the prize

Sometimes many players can’t focus on the game since they look at sexy dealers or sexy dancers inside casino. You may say that casino is like a party place where everybody can gather together just to have fun. But if you were distracted by those things, you can’t focus on your purpose. You may fail in several games and lose much money without even realizing that you have already spent too much. You have to take aside any distraction and focus on your game especially for the prize since it will make you concentrate on what you do.

  • Know the right time

Gambling is something you can’t stop easily. Once you get the victory, you want to spend more since you think that it will come back more than before. However, you might not know the situation inside casino. You don’t know your limit and you think the chain of victory can’t stop. If you have many victories, then you need to stop playing and try to use your money instead of spending it again for gambling. Try to know your limit in playing casino so you can get the benefits in playing cards. If you lose more than win it, you have stop playing either. You can reflect about your previous game and think for the next.

Try to apply these tips when you play bandar togel so you can get more victories and use your skill in casino so you can prevent the loss.