2 Special Card Games Round in UNO

There are many card games in the world but Uno is so happening right now since you can get special cards that you can use to attack other players.

Actually, there are many card games in the world but not all can give you fun and entertainment. You need to choose correctly your purpose in playing cards. If you just want to have fun without gambling, then choose Uno. Many people say that Uno is unpredictable since there are some special cards that will help players in attacking other players too and make them can’t get rid of they card but you can get them by luck from the pile cards.


Special Card Games Round to Save Their Lives in UNO

Uno can be your one of judi bola reference since there are many surprises that can be happened in the game because of the special cards such as:

  • Reverse card

Reverse card is described with 2 arrows in opposite direction. The aim of this card is changing the order play or direction of the game. If the game is proceeding in clockwise, it can be changed into counter clockwise based on reverse card. If the player throws it down, then the previous player will play it again and the player who should be played before will skip the turn for a while. If one player throws some reverse cards, you need to count the period. For instance, the game is in clockwise. One player throws down 3 reverse cards. The calculation is one card is for counter clockwise, the second card to return the game into clockwise and the third card return it again into counter clockwise again. It means the game will go in counter clockwise until other player throws it again to change the direction. But you may throw it one by one if you have other strategies.

  • Plus card

This is the most wanted card by players and they will be happy if they get this card or more. There are two different plus cards which are plus two and plus four. Plus two is described in many colors based on the ordinary or basic number cards of Uno like red, yellow, green and blue. If you have this card and throw it down, then the next player will pick two additional cards from the closed deck. But if you have more plus two cards, you can throw the all at once and the next player will pick up the cards based on the amounts. However, if the next player has it too, they can throw it too to prevent them in picking the cards. If the next player has it again, they can throw the same card and you just hope that it will not come back to you or you must pick several cards. Other plus is plus 4. It is described in black color. If you throw it down, the next player will pick four cards and you tell the color that you want them to pick. However, the next player after you will only pick the four cards while the second player needs to throw the card based on the color you have told. Same with plus 2, if other player has plus card either two or four, he can throw them down to save their lives.
That is why many players will try to save these cards for the last so they can win the game easily and Uno can be one of the greatest togel singapore in the world.